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Kenika Solar Home System CDS-S104

Solar Home System Panel CDS-S104 digunakan untuk:

  • Mobile Charging, Camera, MP3, dll
  • Penerangan saat kemah dan mendaki Gunung
  • Penerangan/lampu rumah
  • Penerangan saat perjalanan di malam hari
  • Penerangan/lampu darurat



Solar Panel

10W/5.5V Mono Crystalline Silicon

Internal Battery

Rechargable 3.7V/5000mAh Lithium Battery


4pcs 3.7V/3W SMT LED Lamp

USB Port

To Charge Mobile Phone, MP3, MP4, etc

Charging Time

About 8 hours

Lighting Time

3W/h (240Lm), About 6.5 hours

2W/h (160Lm), More Than 12 hours

1W/h (80Lm), More Than 20 hours


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